About us


West4Music LLP was originally set up by Wendy Frost & Mick Lister to be a one stop boutique that offered management, A&R, artist development and promotion.

We discovered that was really needed was a consultancy practice that offered a service to make new and emerging artists ‘label ready’.

We have moved on from direct management and now advise artists on everything that affects their career. This includes, setting up co- writing sessions, organising high quality production, styling, video shoots, website design, social media enhancement,branding, EPK’s, media training, gigs, an introduction of your music to the industry, radio play, press ad PR and a whole host of other services that are needed to take your career to the next level.

We work directly with a number of the top people in the industry to ensure you always get an all encompassing service that offers real value for money.


Wendy Frost has worked in the business side of the industry and has been involved in marketing and promotion at the highest levels. She’s produced well thought out business strategies on behalf of many managers and labels.

Whilst we are a business and therefore seek commercial success, we also want to nurture and develop new talent in an enriching and sympathetic way. The music business has always been a harsh place and at no other time has it been tougher and more challenging than today. Since the demise of the physical product the goalposts have moved dramatically and labels are more risk averse than ever. It is into this current market place that a company like West4 Music plays a significant role as we have the capability to take raw talent through all stages to finished artist. Added to that mix we can promote, advise and market  the talent so their full potential is reached and recognized. We recognise that branding and sponsorship will play an ever increasing role in monetising an artist’s career as well as the more traditional routes such as publishing, live and merchandising.

Our forte is thinking outside the box and finding new and different ways to bring an artist to public awareness. Our vision for our artists is not only short term success but longevity. We love music and will only work with and employ people who feel the same.